VE3SPA - Validation of ESCAPE Exposure EstimateS using Personal exposure Assessment

Activity patterns

People that are most sensitive to the health effects of air pollution are young children and elderly people. Therefore time activity patterns will be followed that are based on these two groups. Measurements will take place during a two week measuring period. In the first week, the child pattern is followed and in the second week the elderly pattern. When the child activity pattern is followed, the equipment can be placed in the bedroom according to schedule, while you can undertake activities for yourself.

Children's pattern, first week

For every volunteer, a nearby school (or for example an office/library/university) location will be selected for your home address where you will stay during primary school hours. The pump will also have to be taken outside for a few hours. The volunteer can go to the supermarket, for example. In the evening, the pump unit should be placed in the bedroom to represent a sleeping child.

Elderly pattern, second week

During the second week, every 24 hours, the unit will have to be placed at a second address near your home for 4 hours. This can be at a friendís house for example.

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