VE3SPA - Validation of ESCAPE Exposure EstimateS using Personal exposure Assessment

Study summary


In 2007 a large European study started to perform air quality measurements in 17 different countries. Air pollution can cause hart and lung diseases. This study is called the ESCAPE project. More information about this project can be found on

Because we cannot measure at every address in the Netherlands, the IRAS will develop models to be able to estimate the amount of air pollution at a specific location. The so-called VE3SPA project will compare the modeled amount of air pollution with the amount the residents of this address are really exposed to.

In Finland, Spain and the Netherlands volunteers are selected by whom the personal exposure to particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide will be measured during three different seasons. Simultaneously with the personal measurements, indoor and outdoor measurements will be done at the home address. We need people who live at busy street locations, but also people who live at so-called city background or regional background locations. For the regional background locations, we need people from the surrounding villages of Utrecht.

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